After 3 months of work my Metroid Prime album is finally finished

2016-04-10 13:02:47 by theartinme

Greetings fellow Metroid lovers! I'm very pleased to finally present this album to you, which can be found here:

And other goodies:

Get the album wallpaper here:


Check out my Super Metroid remix album here:

--------- The Making Of ---------
With this  album I had to take a pretty different approach than when I remixed Super Metroid. With older games there is way more artistic freedom when it comes to remixing. This is due to the fact that most, if not all, of old game music is usually only bit tunes and so people mostly remember the melody of those songs rather than specific instruments. Games in recent times have a much more specific atmosphere as opposed to the older games. With newer tunes people associate the melody with specific instruments and sounds, and so I had to realize a way to keep the music feeling new/fresh but still very familiar. There is a fine balance between nostalgia and creativity that I had to discover as to not alienate the fans of the wonderful original music. To do this I developed 3 principles as the foundation of this work, which are as follows:

1: Utilize samey sounds as the original to carry at least most of the melody and then build around it with new original material.

2: Merge multiple sections of different songs into a single song in order to keep things unexpected but familiar at the same time.

3: Infuse the sense of atmosphere that is in Metroid Prime into the music at various parts.

Those are the core principles I have stuck to whilst undergoing the journey of making this album. I hope you all enjoy it!


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2016-05-18 11:29:53

ok...i love you're music and good photo,friends?

theartinme responds:

Sweet, thanks! I like friends